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The Thermal Spas in Rabbi and Pejo

The Rabbi Thermal Spa: elegant, modern, but above all functional; this is the new Rabbi Thermal center, located at the end of the valley called Val di Rabbi, within the Stelvio National Park, protected by a dense coniferous forest that creates an exceptionally healthy and wholesome environment. In addition to traditional hydropinic treatments, the spa also provides balneotherapy with the possibility of up to 450 baths per day and the thermal swimming pool for therapeutical walking.

It also provides the most up-to-date thermal spa treatments; for example phlebological treatments, cellulite treatments, a common concern for many women, that uses subcutaneous injections of carbon dioxide that has been extracted from the thermal sources. And also inhalation therapy and physiotherapy treatments in the equipped gym.
The Pejo Thermal Spa, open both in the winter and in the summer, offers guests the possibility to combine a relaxing vacation with specific treatments in complete contact with nature; the spa is located in the stelvio National Park, a protected area, which is home to a wide variety of wildlife.

There are several mineral springs that come to the surface from deep within the mountain, each with a diverse chemical composition and beneficial properties:
the Alpine Spring,low in mineral content, the Ancient Spring, medium mineral content but bicarbonate rich and ferruginous, the New Spring, calcium-magnesium bicarbonate, ferruginous and naturally effervescent.

These thermal waters are know for their beneficial properties that are effective for treating the skin, the musculoskeletal system, venous and lymphatic vessels, the urinary tract and the respiratory system.

Carbon-dioxide baths, various thermal water treatments, hydromassages, inhalatory therapy, various massage techniques and beauty treatments are the main ingredients of the programs that are created according to specific individual needs to recover your psychophysical balance.

Modulo SX, Free-ski week... Hotel + free Superskirama

Free-ski week... Hotel + free Superskirama

Free-ski week... for a great begin!!!


from 12.12 to 19.12.2015     


7 days Hotel HB
6 days Superskirama
welcome dinner
one dinner by candlelight
eingang in Wellness-centre
wii fii connection


Euro 460,00 to person 


Modulo DX, Christmas in family...

Christmas in family...




from 19.12 till 26.12.2015



7 days Hotel HB
6 days Skipass FM or SS
Christmas dinner
welcome dinner
eingang in Wellness-centre
wii fii connection


from Euro 550,00 to person

- contact us for the special offer for family -

Modulo CENTRO, Catch january's special offer...

Catch january's special offer...

from 02.01 till 09.01.2016

7 days Hotel in HB
6 days Skipass FMP + 2 days SkiArea or 6 days Skipass Folgarida/Marilleva
welcome dinner
one dinner by candlelight
eingang in Wellness-centre
wii fii connection

from Euro 515,00 to person

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