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Excursions in the Dolomites

During the summer months, this area offers a countless number of walks and excursions that will give you the chance to admire the natural beauty of the Brenta Dolomites and of the Adamello Presanella mountain range, perfect for those that enjoy hiking and trekking through the Brenta Dolomites.

You can choose between the many trails that wind their way through the bottom of the valley or one of the numerous mountain trails to begin trekking through the Dolomites; depending on whether you prefer a simple walk to explore your surroundings or if you prefer to exploring some of the most hidden corners of the Alps.

Here, the landscape is dominated by lakes and trees, in fact, many trails take you up through the forest to a mountain lake where you can enjoy an amazing view of these naturally sparkling mirrors of water that seem to be perfectly placed right into the mountain; a vision that visitors will not easily forget.

The Dolomiti Brenta Trek
These are new itineraries that can be easily reached by taking a shuttle bus, a paradise for those that enjoy trekking.

There are two loops that surround the Brenta Dolomites: 
The first is called the "expert itinerary", during which you can reach the furthest corners of the mountain and where you can count on mountain dairies and mountain huts as important reference points;
The second is called the "country itinerary", this is an easier route that takes you through the bottom of the valley, perfect for beginners or for families that want to enjoy a walk together through natural surroundings.

Modulo SX, Free-ski week... Hotel + free Superskirama

Free-ski week... Hotel + free Superskirama

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Modulo DX, Christmas in family...

Christmas in family...




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welcome dinner
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Catch january's special offer...

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